A Welsh Weekend

We had been driving about three hours without a break- leaving us hot, sweaty and cramped. The car itself was an old tin can that made ominous sounds every time it- well, moved, really. Inside the car were the four of us, all with extremely different personalities and the static from the radio that couldn’t quite… More A Welsh Weekend

Photo Diary: Tokyo

Back in November (was that really almost a month ago already?), I went to Tokyo for a holiday with my family. Being quite a bit colder than Hong Kong, I was left with dried out skin and a permanently runny nose, which is why I’m leaving out all the photos of me (you’re welcome!). In… More Photo Diary: Tokyo

What’s in a name?

If you’ve followed my illustrious writing career so far, you might have noticed that I sign off under the name of Jia Wong. And no, that’s not the name printed on my birth certificate. Close enough, though. Something that I’ve found quite interesting (and offensive) has been people’s reaction to realising my pseudonym, whether they… More What’s in a name?


 On Saturday, 21st March, Mum was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. She’s 52. In fairness, it wasn’t entirely unexpected; we were just optimistic. Finding out wasn’t a problem- or perhaps I’m still digesting the news. Parkinson’s isn’t considered fatal, but now I have to acknowledge that my whole future must be constructed to revolve around my mother… More Diagnosis

Mother’s Day

It hasn’t been long since I started painting again. Less than a week, in fact, and you can read about that attempt in my last post [here]. So why on earth did I think I’d be able to paint something beautiful for my mum on Mother’s Day? Anyway, the idea was to write out a… More Mother’s Day